Asbestos Facts

The new Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations 2016 requires that all PCBU’s (Persons Conducting a Business or an Undertaking) must know their asbestos status and have an asbestos management plan in place by April 2018.

The mere presence of asbestos in a building does not mean that the health of the building occupants is endangered. When left intact and undisturbed, asbestos-containing materials do not pose a health risk to building occupants. There is, however, potential for exposure when the material becomes damaged or disturbed.

Instead of removing all asbestos-containing material upon discovery, legislation now requires an in-place management program for the existing asbestos materials.

Eastland Envirocheck can provide you with an Asbestos Management Plan that ensures that the day-to-day management of the building minimizes the release of asbestos fibers into the air, and ensures that when asbestos fibers are released, either accidentally or intentionally, proper control and clean-up procedures are implemented.

Don’t take any chances, call in Eastland Envirocheck to do a thorough asbestos survey of your rental or commercial property. We will be able to expertly assess the risk of asbestos-based products existing in your building.

Call Eastland Envirocheck now for some free advice about the assessment of possible asbestos-containing materials in your rental or commercial property so you don’t need to worry anymore.

Whereabouts are you likely to find asbestos in your rental property?

Asbestos was used extensively in residential housing until the late 1990s, but is not immediately obvious because it is usually mixed with other materials.
These are the main areas where asbestos may be hiding:

  • roof sheeting, roof ventilators, skylights, textured ceilings and manhole frames
  • door and window moldings, exterior louvre blades, side flashings, and cement downpipes & gutters
  • exterior wall sheets and cement cladding including fencing and outbuildings
  • interior wall sheets, soffits, baseboards and shingles
  • lino, flooring tiles, and adhesives
  • as an insulator for pipes, lagging, and water tanks.

If you suspect your rental property contains asbestos materials, talk to Eastland Envirocheck about an asbestos survey. If the asbestos-containing material is in good condition it will only be a risk if it is in poor condition or disturbed during renovations or demolition.

Your asbestos questions answered

How do I know if I have asbestos in my rental or commercial property?
Any buildings constructed prior to 2000 can potentially contain asbestos. The only way to be sure whether a building material contains asbestos is to have it tested by a qualified laboratory.

What are the health risks if I have asbestos in my rental property, office building, or school?
Asbestos that is in good condition and left undisturbed is unlikely to present a health risk. The risks from asbestos occur when it is damaged or disturbed and asbestos fibres become airborne and can be inhaled.

If my building has asbestos in it should I have it removed?

Removal of the asbestos may not be necessary immediately if it is bonded or encapsulated. It may be able to be left undisturbed, depending on where it is and in what condition.

I’m remodelling/refurbishing my building. Do I need to be concerned about asbestos in the building materials?
It’s not possible to tell whether a material in your building contains asbestos simply by looking at it. If you suspect something might contain asbestos (for example, textured ceilings, vinyl flooring, or cladding) and the material is damaged, or if renovations would disturb the material then you should have it sampled.

What is an asbestos management plan?
An asbestos management plan provides documentation detailing the type, location, and extent of the asbestos-containing material along with the recommended actions.

Does this management plan have to be updated periodically?
Yes. The asbestos management plan must be updated with information collected during periodic surveillance, and every time a response action is taken on site.

If you suspect there is asbestos in your building, contact Eastland Envirocheck today for a free, no-obligation, confidential discussion about asbestos surveys and asbestos regulations.

Who should test for Asbestos?